Founded in 1987 in Cremona, Italy, the group La Rossignol is an association of artists and researchers working together to promote the study and performance of early dances and music. The group, which has created its repertoire thanks to the study of original sources, as well as historical and iconographical research, has been extremely active throughout Italy, in Switzerland, Portugal, France, Germany, Israel, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Greece, India, China, Japan, Romania, Cyprus, Spain, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Malta, Turkey, Pakistan, Austria, Poland, Brazil, Albania, Taiwan, Mexico, Vatican City, Australia, Kenya, Croatia, Sweden, Colombia, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Scandinavia, Kazakhstan, USA, Saudi Arabia, Paraguay, Belgium, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bahrain offering concerts and theatrical events of great prestige.

Their portfolio includes collaboration with the greatest world broadcasting companies, consultancies and artistic direction, training and refresher courses, the composition of music for theatre shows and medieval dancing.

La Rossignol has also created, with various recording companies, numerous recordings dedicated to early music.