Rossignol was born and has operated exclusively "live", except for a few sporadic film or television appearances and has never produced a professional video to represent its professionalism.

What is published here, as well as what can be seen on your own YouTube channel or on other Social networks, is only the result of amateur footage to which a simple exemplifying function is attributed.


Concert with dances

Dances of the fifteenth and sixteenth century with alta and bassa cappella

Dance of the 16th century

Chiara stella, Fabritio Caroso da Sermoneta, Il ballerino (1581)

Dance of the 15th century

Deh voltate in ça Rosina - Magister Giohane Ambrosio - De pratica seu arte tripudii (1463)


Participation in a television programme

Baroque Dance

Menuet Ah, qu’il fait beau J. Baptiste Lully, Le bourgeois gentilhomme, 1670

Bassa danza Lauro

Ballo di Lorenzo il Magnifico (musical reconstruction D. Baronio)